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Experience the difference at Destiny Bible College, where every student is empowered to shine brightly in their unique calling. Enroll today and embark on a path of fulfillment, enlightenment, and destiny.


Destiny Bible College is dedicated to providing Christ-centered training and instruction, in accordance with Biblical principles and standards that will meet the spiritual, educational, and practical needs of all seeking a Christian education for diverse areas of Ministry and personal growth.

DBC’s foundation is Biblical and our curriculum dedicated to the belief that the Bible provides the only authoritative guide for a relationship with God and other persons. We believe that the Bible alone is sufficient to meet all of man’s needs “that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.”

OUR Degree Programs


Christian Counseling is providing guidance and instruction based upon the principles set forth in the Bible and taught and adhered to by Jesus Christ. The tenets of Christian Counseling are: The Bible is the eternal, unchangeable Word of God and provides the sole authoritative source of the model of man and the principles that dictate and govern man's behavior; There is a moral and ethical right......


Theological Studies is a fully online program for anyone who desires to deepen their knowledge of God and his Word. Theology can be defined as the discipline that studies the nature of divinity or God, the facts surrounding it, how human beings interpret and relate to this idea. In general terms, theology is all knowledge of God. Systematic theology is a systematic study and collecting of all information.....


Biblical studies is the study of the books of the Bible. It is primarily concerned with the foundational, base-level 'meaning' of passages or sections of the biblical texts (known as 'exegesis') and the developments and circumstances regarding Judaism and early Christianity. So, the focus of biblical studies is the book known as the Bible — it is Biblical language, literature, nature, history, composition, authors, etc.


The Christian Ministries program is designed to develop your abilities and spiritual gifts for leadership and ministries within the church. DBC’s Ministry training focuses on God’s truth through revelation and illumination in His Word, wisdom and practical insights to help you study God’s word and prepare .....


Here at Destiny Bible College, we recognize that not all paths look the same. We offer the opportunity to customize your degree to help you further accomplish your career goals. After a meeting with our Dean you will be have an individualized plan created that will map out your collegiate pursuits.........


We are pleased to partner with Thirdmill.org and make available their Biblical studies video series. Thirdmill is working to meet the global need for solid Biblical studies material y creating and distributing a high-quality, multimedia seminary curriculum in the major languages of the world. Their goal is to make .......

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Christian Counseling is providing guidance and instruction based upon the principles set forth in the Bible as taught and adhered to by Jesus Christ.

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