Christian Counseling is providing guidance and instruction based upon the principles set forth in the Bible and taught and adhered to by Jesus Christ. The tenets of Christian Counseling are: The Bible is the eternal, unchangeable Word of God and provides the sole authoritative source of the model of man and the principles that dictate and govern man’s behavior; There is a moral and ethical right and wrong, and these are clearly defined in the Word of God. Man is held accountable to the moral and ethical principles found in the Bible.

Bachelors Degrees

The Bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling is designed to train you to serve as a counselor in local churches and other ministry settings by laying the theological foundation of counseling in accordance with Biblical principles and standards that will meet the needs of people spiritually, emotionally, therapeutically, and educationally. You will be equipped with the necessary skills to counsel people in a context based on Biblical, Christ-centered foundations. Our Christian counseling program emphasizes the supremacy and sufficiency of the Scriptures in counseling.

masters Degrees

The Master’s degree in Christian Counseling/Psychology is designed to broaden the understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of Christian counseling and to prepare students to apply Biblical truths and principles in their counseling and ministry. In the Master’s degree program, the curriculum consists of major subject area courses, specialized coursework inside a particular field of study, as well as an emphasis of the spiritual dimension of the inner man.

Doctorate Degrees

The Doctor of Clinical Christian Counseling is designed for counselors, pastors, and educators who are seeking advanced scholarship and practical competence in Christian counseling and Psychology. This degree emphasizes the presentation of Biblical principles and values while helping those seeking counseling attend to issues of faith and spirituality while addressing the mental health needs of persons. The Doctorate of Christian Counseling and Psychology program is recommended for those who have been actively engaged in some form of professional ministry for at least five years and are very familiar with people and the issues of life that they face. This degree is not designed for those just entering the field of counseling.

OUR Degree Programs


Theological Studies is a fully online program for anyone who desires to deepen their knowledge of God and his Word. Theology can be defined as the discipline that studies the nature of divinity or God, the facts surrounding it, how human beings interpret and relate to this idea. In general terms, theology is all knowledge of God. Systematic theology is a systematic study and collecting of all information concerning God while it is also a system of belief.


We are pleased to partner with and make available their Biblical studies video series. Thirdmill is working to meet the global need for solid Biblical studies material y creating and distributing a high-quality, multimedia seminary curriculum in the major languages of the world. Their goal is to make seminary-level education available to Evangelical Christians in their own lands, in their own languages....


The Christian Ministries program is designed to develop your abilities and spiritual gifts for leadership and ministries within the church. DBC’s Ministry training focuses on God’s truth through revelation and illumination in His Word, wisdom and practical insights to help you study God’s word and prepare .....


Here at Destiny Bible College, we recognize that not all paths look the same. We offer the opportunity to customize your degree to help you further accomplish your career goals. After a meeting with our Dean you will be have an individualized plan created that will map out your collegiate pursuits.........

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